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Digital Display Advertising

Hutton Digital Display is New Mexico’s indoor billboard company.  We have over 75 screens placed at key locations throughout Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico including DeVargas Center (Mall), the Santa Fe Airport, the Santa Fe Visitors Centers and more. And now we are bringing our digital displays to Las Cruces! Our screens provide a hot list of what to do and where to go. See below for a few examples of the work Hutton Broadcasting has produced for our customers.

Zachary and Sons

Cross of the Martyrs

Chocolate and Cashmere

Wheeler Peak

Santa Fe Spirits

Joe's Dining

Hutton Digital Screens Map


Airport Advertising

Take airport advertising into the 21st century with a well-crafted digital screen network advertising plan. Hutton Digital Display is made up of beautiful 70’’ LCD screens, will allow your brand to grab attention even in a crowded and noisy airport setting. Learn more…

Mall Advertising

In most communities, including Santa Fe,  the mall is one of the most visited public places. By advertising here, you reach a local audience that is already in the mindset to spend money. Learn more…

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